Limaca Red Primitivo

imageLimaca is a red wine produced from Primitivo grapes from the vineyards of the Cantina Storica del Cardinale

Production area
Agro di Santeramo in Colle (BA). 489 m asl.


Typical geomorphological features of the karst territory with limestone substrate and rocky outcrops.

The wine in the glass is deep and impenetrable in appearance. Great ruby red with lively vivacity and impressive envelopment on the walls of the glass itself. Nice glyceric and extract strength. It has a majestic texture.

The nose of immediate intensity and imposing complexity immediately gives fruity notes and wide interpretation. Balsamic notes open up on floral hints. Marasca cherries in alcohol and notes of vanilla bean rest on sweet and pungent spicy notes.

The rose but other flowers make it even more kind. Chocolate and myrtle are other components that are extracted by smell. Scent of grapes in maceration enhance the "spiritual" part.

On the palate the wine has a full taste of notable softness against a background of lively freshness and tannin present but elegantly evolving. Tasty.

The body is decisive and austere, long and persistent.

A balance of perfect harmony with all the components make it a wine that is ready but definitely awaiting further growth in the bottle. The olfactory and taste-olfactory qualities are impeccable. Harmonious sequence of each description for a truly charming wine.

Red meats and game. Medium and high seasoning cheeses.